Communion Sets

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Commun-Set-Remembrance Portable-24 Cups
For the pastor, deacon or missionary on the go. Portable communion sets provide the tradition of accepting the body and blood of Christ, while adapting to a variety of circumstances. Perfect for hospital visits, nursing homes, shut in ministries, prison ministries, and more. And now, equipping mu..
Commun-Set-Remembranceware Traveler Portable-Gry
The Traveler Portable Communion Set contains service for up to 25 people in an elegant, zippered, cloth case . Inside are straps to hold the containers still, and even a Slim-line New Testament or prayer book, inside the lid *Slim-line New Testament or prayer book not included. Included are: Qual..
Commun-Set-Silverplated Cups & Plates w/Bag
This portable communion set comes with two silverplated wine cups that have scenes of Jerusalem on them. Two silverplated plates; One 7 inches in diameter to hold the cups with scenes of Jerusalem on it. One 3 inches in diameter to hold the communion elements. Also included a black nylon zip bag ..
Commun-Fellowship Cup Juice/Wafer Box/250
Commun-Fellowship Cup Juice/Wafer Box/250 New & Improved juice Contains 250 individual serving cups FEATURES: • The Fellowship Cup™ contains 100% Grape Juice and Unleavened Wafer • Ready to Serve • No Refrigeration Needed • Easy Access to Elements &..
Commun-Fellowship Cup Juice/Wafer  Box 100
Commun-Fellowship Cup Juice/Wafer  Box 100 New & Improved juice Contains 100 individual serving cups FEATURES: • The Fellowship Cup™ contains 100% Grape Juice and Unleavened Wafer • Ready to Serve • No Refrigeration Needed • Easy Access to Elemen..
Communion-Celebration Cup Prefilled Juice/Wafer-Box 500 (Pkg-500)
Double-sealed and disposable, these individual Celebration Communion wafer and juice sets bring modern convenience and purity to the traditional Lord's Supper. The elements are prepackaged, with both wafer and juice in a single two-part container. Communion participants peel back one seal to ..
Candle-Candlelight Service Set "Lighting The Way" (Pack Of 100)
Longer burning candle light service set. 100, 7" x 17/32" candles. 100 paper drip protectors. ..
Candle-Candelight Service Little Set w/50 Congregation Candles (Pkg-50)
  50 congregation candles, 50 paper drip protectors. Congregation Candles measure approximately 1/2 inch dia, by 5 inches tall. Approximate burn time 30 minutes.   ..
Candle-Congregation-W/Drip Protect-1/2 X 4-1/4 (Pack of 24)
1/2 x 4-1/4" Vigil Candles w/Paper Drip Protectors ..
 Communion-Bread Wafer (Unleavened) (Pack Of 1000)
COMMUNION BREAD WAFERS For churches who prefer white unlevened bread - made of wheat flour, shortening, salt and water - for use in the Communion service, these Plain Round Communion Wafers measure 1 1/8" across (slightly larger than a quarter) and come packaged in cellophane tubes. A b..
Communion-Cup-Disposable-1-3/8" (Pack Of 100)
Now available: a convenient 100 count box of disposable communion cups! The same quality cup as our box of 1,000, but in a smaller package for smaller churches or wedding parties. Economical, disposable communion cups that fit standard trays. The clarity of real glass with no breakage.  ..
 Communion-Cup Filler-Squeeze Bottle (16.9 Oz)
Simplifies communion-tray preparation. Durable 16-oz. squeeze bottle with measurement marks and non-drip spout. Filler measures up to 100 glasses. To operate squeeze slowly. This bottle and spout are not intended for high-pressure squeezing. To clean - wash with hot, soapy water between each use...
Communion-Cup Filler-Button Release
Holds enough to fill approx 33 cups. ..
Communion-Cup-Disposable-1-3/8" (Pack Of 500)
Economical, disposable communion cups fit standard trays. Clarity of real glass with no breakage. Similar in style to regular crystal glasses. 1 3/8" high.  ..
 Communion-Bread Soft (Unleavened) (Pack Of 500)
SOFT COMMUNION BREAD Soft in texture and uniformly sized, this crumb-free unleavened Soft Communion Bread is a great timesaver when preparing the Lord's Supper. Packaged in a resealable stay-fresh plastic bag. Box contains 500 pieces. ..